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Jamie Scott Gordon

Fall 2015

As with most great conversations, my chat with the multifaceted Jamie Scott Gordon began with booze.  Naturally, I figured he was a scotch drinker, because he's from SCOTLAND.  Alas, I was wrong.  Assumptions; am I right?  He's a lover of gin.

Gemma Soldati

Spring 2017

Gemma Soldati grew up in New Hampshire with three older brothers and, she says, “two parents who
are in love and gross.” When she was 19 years old her family home burned down and it became clear
she is in the right line of work after she described a scene from this very tragic day.

Doug Jones

Fall 2014

Doug Jones has many faces….and bodies and limbs and species and powers. He’s done it all,
from commercials to web-series to indie films and blockbusters. Everyone’s seen Interview with a
Vampire and if you found yourself thinking...

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