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2020 Dancing Spider Drive-In Film Festival

It's cool.  It's at a drive-in. It's inherently social distanced.  You should come.

Every year we put on a two day film festival at the Verne Drive-In movie theater in Luverne, MN.  We know the depth of talent in our area and thought putting it on a screen would be a good way to showcase it. 

This will mark our 5th year with this monster and we couldn't be more excited!  If you're a filmmaker yourself or just have a pal who's been working on a weird claymation romance please tell us all about it or better yet submit it to the fest!

Why Should I Support Family-Run Film Festivals?

By Anna Hanson, Director of Operations for Dancing Spider Film Festival

There are 8,643 reasons to avoid working with your siblings.

There are two reasons to give it a shot though: 1) Your siblings are qualified. 2) They will work for free.

Film festivals require complete faith from both the filmmaker and the audience. When it comes to submitting a film, there’s no budget big enough to cover entry fees to every single festival, and when it comes to viewers, there’s no guarantee your film will find them.

Read the full article HERE

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